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We found the creme da la creme which we used to make these Hemp Truffles. We use Organic Hawaiian Hemp Flowers. All legal. Lol. We are offering at this time in 4 flavors. We rolled them in a chocolate/ vanilla powdered sugar.


Hemp Truffles


Ceiba Hemp is the first flavor and has a bold grassy earthy flavor. 

Ceiba Hemp Flower


The second flavor is a Kush blood orange flavor with a hint of earthy aroma.
Kush blood orange flower for Truffles


Suver Haze Hemp is the third flavor - it has a sweet fruity flavor with a hint of black pepper. 
Suver Haze for Truffles


Forth flavor- Frosted Lime Hemp Who said natural could not be healthy with some chocolate.
Ventito bakery can relax you! Hemp style.

Frosted Lime offers notes of lime, skunk, and bright citrus.

Frosted Lime Truffle

Market Price for Hemp Truffles is starting at 3.50 each Truffle for 12 pcs. 

Lead time is 4 days - 2 weeks

 You must be 21 years of age to older. We can ship to 40 states USPS in the United States. We cannot ship to Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, and South Dakota.










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