Sugar Free Cakes

It is not enough to make a Sugar-Free cake. We have seen sugar-free cakes made with Sucralose at the major grocery store. We insist on making our sugar-free cakes with no simple syrup and no harmful sweetener or preservatives.


You can even tell us what sweetener we can use when you checkout your order.

We use high quality ingredients, because we want a lot of great reviews. See below. We present our Sugar-Free Cakes made with no Preservatives. We use the most expensive sugar-free sweeteners to sweeten our cakes. We  do not use simple or sugar syrup to moisten our cakes.  Learn more by checking out, should you use simple syrup to sweeten your cake?

Sugar Free Cake Review

For those out of the North Ridgeville - Cleveland Ohio area, we can offer Sugar Free Cake Kits you can make at home which we can ship in the continental USA.

Allow 48-72 hours for us to make it from scratch.

We also make sugar free pies. You can view our sugar-free pie collection.

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