6" Round Customized Birthday Cake Serves 6-10

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100% No Preservatives 

A customer asked if we can do a customized birthday cake with a customized shape, customized message and or a customized serving size?

Of course we can. We can make a fresh  birthday cake personalized with your name, birthday and message.We make it fresh to order for either a regular cake, great tasting gluten free, dairy free or sugar free birthday cake. We also offer your choice of 24 different flavors.


When ordering either a cake or cupcakes, please have the amount/size, flavor, and frosting type in mind. 

We are usually frosting your cake an hour before you arrive. We will need 48-72 hours advanced notice for all orders.

Call us at 440-937-7836  schedule a delivery with your requested cake flavor and frosting.

We now offer frosting flavors including white satin, buttercream, chocolate moose and chocolate ganoche.

Ventito Bakery cake flavors are as follows:


Angel food cake



Carrot cake

Chocolate: dark chocolate/ swiss chocolate/ devils food   


Coconut lime





Mint Chocolate Chip



Pecan Turtle Delight


Red velvet

Strawberry Cream



Vanilla/ French Vanilla 

21 and over 

Margarita cupcakes or cake

Wine cupcakes or cake

Kaluha cupcakes or cake


You will be able to choose your cake flavor, frosting and add a personalized message at checkout.



We will need 42-72 hours notice for all orders. Please note we do not ship this product and we only can do online orders for product pickup in Avon, Ohio.

Call us @ 440-937-7836 to place or get information on an order.

We can also make Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Dairy Free Cakes and Birthday Cakes.

We can make a sugar free cake sweetened with Stevia for athletes, dieters and diabetics. We have the purest Stevia. If you have ever seen a Stevia plant, you will see that it is green.

We only use the green stevia which has not been processed.  



Sugar Free with Stevia

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