SF and GF and DF and GFDF and Nut Free Cookies 18 count

SF and GF and DF and GFDF and Nut Free Cookies 18 count

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We now make Sugar Free Cookies sweetened with Stevia in addition to Dairy Free, Nut Free and Gluten Free Cookies.

Below is a Facebook and a Google review on our cookies.

Sugar free cookie review

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Cookies are new at Ventito Bakery. We make sure no one gets left behind. Flavors are almond, chocolate chip, pecan, cinnamon, peanut butter, vanilla, cherry and anis.

Kimberli Sheldon

Dear Mrs. DeMitro

I was just in your bakery today for the first time. I have searched all over the area for my five-year-old son for cookies/desserts as he was diagnosed with celiac disease a few weeks ago. While I bake all the time, nothing has quite satisfied his sweet tooth UNTIL I arrived home with your chocolate chip cookies. It was heartwarming and such a relief to see him indulge in his favorite treat and not feel deprived because of his new diagnosis.


I can't thank you enough, sincerely... from the bottom of my heart.


I noticed on your blog that you send out recipes and didn't know if you have shared the cookie recipe in the past. We live about an hour from you so while it is a special treat, they won't be something I will be able to give him often as his cookies were when I baked them. I obviously understand if you don't share a recipe of something you sell in your store, but seeing as though you share other recipes, I thought I would ask.

Regardless, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to see his little face light up today when I gave him milk and cookies. We will surely be out for MANY desserts when we are in the area!

With warm regards and sincere appreciation,
Kimberli Sheldon

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