New Employee Guidelines

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Work Safety Dress and Guidelines

I understand if hired my attire and appearance should present a professional manner. I understand for health & safety of the public, all body piercings must be removed, and no presence of long finger nails which can harbor bacteria and break  through gloves thus exposing food products to bacteria . I understand shoes must be a closed toe & a non-slip shoe ( a black shoe color is suggested ). I understand I must wear company shirts and /or hoodies given. I understand to wear jeans or black pants (no open holes in any clothing). I also understand body tattoos must be covered. I understand hair & beard nets are to be worn ( Meat Cutters / Meat Handling / Meat Packing / Deli & Meat Counter ). I understand all long hair it to be pulled up / back in all positions.

30 Day New Employee Probationary Policy

POLICY SUMMARY: All new associates are subject to a 30-day probationary period during which new associates have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to achieve a satisfactory level of performance, and both the associate and McConnell’s Meat and Market can assess the associate’s suitability for the position. Successful completion of the 30-day probationary period, however, does not give an associate the right to permanent employment with the Company. Employment with the company is “at will,” meaning both associates and the company have the right at any time to terminate employment, with or without cause or advance notice. POLICY DETAIL: The probationary period will begin on the first day of employment and last for 30 calendar days. During this time, associates must learn and demonstrate the basic responsibilities and essential job functions of their position. After 30 calendar days the probationary period will be considered complete. POLICY PROCEDURES: An associate must demonstrate satisfactory progress in each of the following job requirements within the probationary period. While this list is illustrative, management reserves the right to assess satisfactory performance in its sole discretion based upon the particular job and situation.

Good attendance for good workplace behavior and engagement with co-workers – If an associate exhibits that he/she is not meeting the job requirements, the associate will be consulted describing the actions that must be completed satisfactorily within the probationary period to maintain employment. In the manager’s sole discretion, an extension of the probationary period may be granted up to 30 additional calendar days. Managers should review consultations with human resources. Termination - In cases in which the above described consultation process is not successful, the associate’s employment will be terminated. Depending on the severity of the performance issue(s), a Final Consultation may not be required and immediate termination may occur.