What fruits are in season in the middle of the winter?

The wintertime is so difficult to find wonderful things to eat. NOT

Fortunately for you we have hundreds of items and we can find you the best of the best of these items for a delicious treat.

As we at Ventito Bakery are always for fruits that are natural and not frozen or use artificial flavors and colors, will do our best to promote in season market fresh fruits. Here we are coming into February and what fruits still taste great which we can purchase at our local grocery store.

We use https://gundrymd.com/fruits-season as a guide. Per this guide we see that Apples, Avocados, Pears, Lemons, and Oranges are in season. We currently have bakery which use Apples, Lemons, and Oranges which you may pick with no preservatives. Fortunately for you we have a large inventory of products to pick from. Below are our most popular selections for your wintertime taste buds. As with most of our items, we offer in Regular, Sugar-Sucralose Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Vegan.


Apple Rose Tart - 1/2 dozen - 

How about Apple Rose Tarts for a unique treat for wintertime? This makes for a perfect gift for someone else or a treat for yourself. It also can be great for a wedding. Learn more at https://geni.us/R4Tkw2T 

Apple Pie

How about a hot apple pie for a brisk winter day. We make with no preservatives in your choice of Regular, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, and Dairy-Free. Learn more at https://geni.us/642vq  


French Style Lemon Pound Cake

French-style lemon pound cake made with California Meyer lemons, regular lemons, and a touch of lemongrass. Topped with a syrup made with Meyer lemons and Caravella limoncello!! Learn more at https://geni.us/Lemon-Pound-Cake

Lemon Cream Bundt Cake -

Ventito Bakery Lemon Cream Bundt Cake appeals to lovers of lemonade, lemon cookies, lemon water, and lemon essential oils. We offer in regular, dairy-free, gluten-free, DFGF, and sugar free options.

We make it from fresh lemons which we buy at the grocery store. Please allow 48 to 72 hours to allow for us to buy the freshest lemons and the refrigeration process. We ship with a dry glaze mix. (not pictured) Learn more at https://geni.us/Lemon-Cream-Bundt-Cake


Orange Cream Cake - 

Orange Cream Cake is rich, intense, captivating and most of all, overwhelmingly delicious. Here is a perfect gift for Valentine's Dat or Sweetest Day.

~6" round, ~9" round and  `10" round are sizes we can offer. Learn more at https://geni.us/Orange-Cream-Cake

I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter as much as I have. I thoroughly like apples, lemons, and oranges and I look forward to ordering one of these items for my father's birthday in February.