Cherie LaMoure wedding cake

Clifton dairy free fondent gluten free olde avon village sugar free Wedding cake

The Cherie LaMoure wedding cake is dedicated to lovers who at times have trouble focusing on everyday life only to get lost in their thinking and anticipation in seeing that special someone soon.

They either can't wait to see them when they come home or meet them on a date.

We make our cakes with a mixture of love and passion. We our happy to introduce this new Euro cake. The Cherie LaMoure cake is made with buttercream. The one pictured the couple wanted coconut flavor. The bottom of the cake comes in either a 9", 12" and or 14" size. 

Our wedding cakes start at $170. 

We want and believe as many couples as possible deserve to have a wedding with a memorable cake. We offer regular, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free options and we believe in leaving no one behind. We want you to be immersed in the whole Ventito Bakery experience so we suggest you check out our tasting and consultation page and or visit our store conveniently located in Olde Avon Village, 36840 Detroit Road across from the Clifton.

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