Get Healthy Treats from Ventito Bakery

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What comes to your mind when you hear the mention of cakes?  Calories and more calories, right?  However, with Ventito Bakery, it is ultimately a different case. We bake cakes that fit in with a Paleo diet. What is a Paleo diet? It is a diet that includes vegetables, fruits, roots, nuts and organ meat while excluding foods such as sugar, grains, legumes, dairy products, processed oils, and salt. Ventito Bakery bakes tasty, traditional Italian products. Is it your wedding day?  We would like to make your day memorable with wedding cakes from Ventito Bakery. We create the cake of...

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4 Italian Cakes or Entrees to make your Party a hit.

Casata cake Chocolate Macarons Mocha cake pizzelles Tiramisu Tort Cake

Italians have come up with many desserts which are featured at the worlds most famous restaurants.  4. Cannolis As a young italian girl, I would enjoy going to the bakery and experience all the wonderful creations. One of the italian creations I most enjoyed were cannoli's. Cannolis originated in Sicily and are filled with Ricotta cheese. We use the same regata recipe for cannolis as we use for a sicilian casata cake. Our cannoli recipe has evolved  over the years and I have learned a lot from my Mom and my Grandma Veronica Demitro, We have perfected it with the...

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Wedding Cake Pricing Options

buttercream frosting Chocolate frosting Topper Cakes Wedding Cakes wedding frosting

No Bride Left Behind Wedding Cakes only 30 Days notice on all Wedding Cakes Cake Only 6" 8" 10" $170.00 Cake Only 12" 14"   $280.00 Cake Topper Options Cake Flavor options:   Almond Angel Food Cake Banana Blueberry Carrot Cake Cherry Chocolate - German or Dark or Swiss Coconut Coconut Lime Lemon Lime Marble Mint Chocolate Chip Mocha Orange Pistachio Red Velvet  Strawberry Vanilla or French Vanilla   21 or over flavors Margarita Cupcakes or Cake Wine Cupcakes or Cake Kaluha Cupcakes or Cake   Frosting options are:  Chocolate or Buttercream Fruit fillings add $5.00. Cake plate not included.    ...

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Margarita Shots & Red Wine to be in Avon wedding Cakes For the first time

Avon gluten free wedding cake Italian Bakery Margarita shots Ohio red wine wedding cakes Wedding Cakes Avon

Leading Italian bakery in Avon, Ventito Bakery has introduced unique party flavors like Margarita and Red Wine for wedding cakes. The bakery is also the first one in Avon to offer gluten-free & dairy-free treats Avon March 13, 2016: The wedding cake is surely one of the biggest hotshots of any wedding celebration and this wedding season an Italian bakery in Avon is making the cakes even yummier with unique party flavors. For the first time in Avon, Ventito Bakery has introduced amazing Margarita and Red Wine flavors for the wedding cakes to make weddings more memorable, both for the...

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Wedding Cake Flavors

dairy free gluten free wedding cake Italian Bakery sugar free Wedding Cakes Avon wedding flavors wedding frosting

Ventito Bakery Signature wedding cake flavors include flavors for traditional weddings plus party flavors including Red Wine and Margarita. We are located in Olde Avon Village in the middle of Avon,  .

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