Dairy Free Egg Free wedding cake and frosting, no problem.

buttercream dairy free Egg free frosting Indian wedding Red roses Renaissance Wedding

This wedding was special because they were an Indian couple who needed specific requirements for their cake. They wanted real roses. The bride could only eat a cake that was dairy free and egg free and that included the frosting. The wedding was at the Renaissance Center in downtown Cleveland so the cake needed to beau...

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Why Ventito Bakery Bakes with no Preservatives.

We like to call ourselves a reservation bakery. We do not believe in producing products with chemicals and having our products stay too long on a shelf. We make everything to order which mostly takes a couple days. This enables us to make cakes, pastries and gourmet food items with fresh fruit. It also enables us to make our wedding cakes, birthday cakes and cakes with a large selection of 24 fruit flavors.

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How to buy a wedding cake and find a vendor that overdelivers.

Avon buttercream florist fondant Ventito Bakery

Dear friend if your goal is to make everybody happy by going over and above than you may want to read on. We are here to take the stress out of hiring a wedding cake vendor. Good God you have so many other things to worry about. We will have a tasting which we will inform you of the following. What are my filling choices? Why You Want to Know: Whether you're looking for a fruity filling, like strawberry or orange, or a heavier mocha or chocolate, the type of ingredients used will make all the difference in taste. Some...

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Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes

Avon Ohio top hat Wedding cake wedding cupcakes

Learn more and see our past work here by going to our wedding cake tasting and consultation page.

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Bachelor Party Cake

avon avon lake Baby Shower Bachelor Party cake corset

We make our cakes with a mixture of love and passion.   We our happy to introduce this new Euro cake. The bachelor party cake includes a black corset. Due to its complexity allow 4-6 weeks lead time. .  Our bachelor party cakes start at $170.  We offer regular, gluten free, and we our working on a dairy free and sugar free options and we believe in leaving no one behind. We want you to be immersed in the whole Ventito Bakery experience so we suggest you check out our page and or visit our store conveniently located in Olde Avon...

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