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What make us unique is the following:


We offer unique and memorable Wedding cakes and cupcakes, birthday cake pizzelles, Italian cannolis and chocolate cannolis.  Our pies are made in the store with love for our wonderful customers.Ventito Bakery

We know you demand more than a regular bakery customer. You want a healthy alternative made fresh with no preservatives. We will not give you a frozen pie or cake that was premade and sitting in the freezer because we take pride in fresh flavorful cake or pie. We strive to be better. Our items require a minimum 3 days for delivery so that we may provide you with the best fresh non-frozen bakery.

We avoid frozen fruit which would be easy to store, but not as tasty on the final product. We also take care not to overcook our cakes can lose the flavor from the fresh fruits that are included with your cakes. We also buy our fruits at local grocers and we hand pick the best. Sometimes that might mean going to 2 or 3 different grocers.


    100 years of recipes handed down from generation to generation.

    100 years of recipes handed down from generation to generation.

    All of our products are made fresh and do not contain any preservatives. Quality is very important to us. We don't use inexpensive and processed ingredients. 

    We are famous for our birthday cakes. We can do a customized birthday cake with a customized shape, customized message and or customized serving size. We make regular birthday cakes, sugar-free birthday cakes, gluten-free birthday cakes and dairy-free birthday cakes in 24 market fresh flavors..

    Birthday Cake

    Ventito Bakery was formulated from an Italian family with accumulated recipes going back 100 years. She has spent $1000 to perfect a dairy-free gluten-free buttercream icing.  She is also known for her assortment of high heeled shoe cakes. She has also developed sugar-free and vegan cakes and cupcakes and strives to make a wide assortment of allergy free baking creations so no one is left behind.

    You can reach us during working hours at 440-937-7836. Call for delivery.  We continue to service fans of fresh bakery with no preservatives  and we do not believe in letting anyone behind.

    Founder: Donna

    Owner: T.J. and Veronica

    Managers: Michael D and Sharon M

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    Hours are Tuesday through Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 4pm 

    Email us at ventitobakery@yahoo.com