Should you order a cake made with simple syrup?

Posted by Michael D'Amico on

A lot of bakeries use simple or sugar syrup to help moisten their cake. Simple or Sugar syrup is described in the popular video from is basically comprised of one part water and one part sugar. It is used mostly in between layers of cakes to help moisten them. It is also used in alcoholic drinks and different types of lemonade.

We believe if people knew about it, they would not want it added to their cakes and or cupcakes. We do not use simple syrup to moisten our cakes.

We believe people watching their weight or diabetics would not want the extra sugar and carbohydrates if they knew about it.

If you use quality products and you don't rush the baking process you do not need simple syrup to moisten your cake.

We feel you should order from your favorite bakery or store. But if you are concerned about sugar you may want to ask if your baker uses simple or sugar syrup before you order.

If you REALLY DO NOT LIKE sugar,and or you are a diabetic or you are looking to lose weight with your diet, check out our sugar-free cake collection.


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