Can you make vegan bakery with regular flour and gluten-free flour?


Yes. When you go to our vegan bakery collection, you will see vegan items

with regular flour and gluten-free options.

How long have you baking gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free cakes?


6 years 


Do we use artificial flavors or colors?


We use no ink and color on your cake.


Do you add sugar syrup like a lot of other bakeries to make your cakes moist.

We have plenty of great reviews about how our cakes our moist, so we do not need to add sugar syrup.


Why don't you save frozen cakes? 


We don't keep cakes lying around frozen because we don't want you to lose the flavor.


What kind of sweeteners do you like? 


We can make your cake to match your sweetener wants.


Do you have satin icing? 




Do you want cream cheese icing on your cake? 




Do you use frozen strawberries?


No. Strawberries are being cut when you put the cake together.

We thank God for giving us the knowledge.


Can you do a Corn free cake?




What kind of ingredients do you use?


Ingredients that we use are expensive.  If we find something better we will use that ingredient instead. I like to compare it to a fine Waygu steak. Every Waygu steak can be tracked back to the cow that it come from. A good Waygu Steak restaurant will have certification to prove the steak source.


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