Which sugar free ingredients should you watch out for when buying a cake?

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Some people may wonder how we are able to do all the sugar-free cakes that we do. They may also wonder how we can make these cakes without preservatives. 

Quality is very important to us. We don't use cheap and processed ingredients. In the book, Grocery The buying and selling of food in America, New York Times best selling author Michael Ruhlman writes that food companies do more harm adding to food than by what they remove. Whether it’s in the form of maltodextrin, dextrose, sucrose, agave, nectar, malt syrup, or the most vilified of the sugars we put into food, high-fructose-corn syrup, it’s all sugar when it hits our bloodstream.

Well it helps that our family has been baking for over 100 years and we have had lots of practice. We also make our cakes from scratch. You won't see any truck dropping off products in the early morning. Behind the scenes we have had many a cake go bad, because of humidity and dialing in the right temperature. Practice makes perfect. 

We believe in buying in quality ingredients. We do not use maltodextrin, dextrose, sucrose, agave, nectar, malt syrup, or the most vilified of the sugars we put into food, high-fructose-corn syrup. Since we make from scratch, we can use the sweetener you request. Cakes must not only be nutritious but need to be delicious and be helpful for digestion.

In a Fitday article,

Nutrition for Cake, Fiber is helpful for Digestion. 
"Fruits like pineapple, carrots and apples, are just some of the fruits that can be incorporated in the filling or the body of the cake. These fruits, aside from their natural sweetness, also help us get the fiber we need for better digestion. Bananas, which have these fibers, too, can help promote growth of good bacteria in our intestines--for combating bad bacteria and restoring balance to our digestive rhythm."

We offer cakes in 24 flavors including bananas, pineapples, carrots and apples.  We use Redmill whole grain flour. We also use Madagascar Vanilla bean, coconut or ripple milk. We use 100% dutch cocoa. We use mineral rich Himalayan salt as opposed to table salt.  We buy in large quantities to keep our prices low.

UPDATE: September 25th. 2021

We believe that eggs are an important ingredient when you make a cake. Eggs help

bind the cake together and help the dough to rise.


If you buy eggs direct, instead of buying them at the grocery store, we know how old the eggs, are they grass fed, if you get double yoked, you know the chickens are happy. There is a color difference in the yoke.


Enhancing our belief that farm fresh eggs are an important ingredient when you make a cake  an article, Grandma's Way Farm Fresh Eggs vs Store Bought Eggs states:

"On the contrary, locally farmed eggs have a much more direct route from hen to consumer, making them fresher and healthier. Studies have shown that locally produced, free-range farm eggs have a higher nutritional value, like less cholesterol, less saturated fat, increased vitamins A, E, and D, more omega-3 fatty acids, and more carotene. All the things grandma knew you needed for a healthy diet that would maintain your energy throughout your day."


We especially like brown eggs. We notice their egg shells are thicker.


We believe the chickens eat better and are taken care of better. The chickens are grass fed and are closely looked after. Out of a dozen eggs, 2 eggs were double yoked. Our manager Michael D'Amico has been buying eggs in the grocery store and has not found a doubled yoked egg. Here is what a typical carton of farm fresh dozen eggs looks like. 


With quality we believe the devil is in the details.

We strive to continuously improve our bakery and we are always on the lookout to improve the quality of our product for you.






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