Try These Fun Ideas For A Better Kids' Halloween Party

Posted by Donna DeMitro on

There are limitless ideas to the fun you can have at a Halloween party.

Over the years, Halloween has grown into a sophisticated, adult celebration. Return to the fun kids had years ago with these basic but fun Halloween party ideas for kids.

Apple bob – Fill a large tub with water and apples. Let kids take turns bobbing for apples.

Costume contest – Once all your guests arrive at the party, take a vote on the best and scariest costumes. Add as many categories to your list as you want and hand out a grand prize to the best costume.

Pin the nose on Jack ‘o Lantern – This is a spin-off version of the all-time favorite game among children. Make a huge Jack ‘o Lantern, leaving off his nose. Let kids take turns being blindfolded and pin (or tape) the nose on Jack.

Pumpkin carving contest – Hold a pumpkin carving contest. See who can carve the funniest or silliest face into a pumpkin.

Make a mask – Give younger kids at your Halloween party construction paper, round-ended scissors, markers and glue. Let them make their own face masks for the party. Punch a hole in both sides of the mask and tie string or tiny elastic on the mask.

Guess how many seeds – Place counted pumpkin seeds in a large bowl or jar. Each party guest takes turns guessing how many pumpkin seeds there are. Whoever guesses closest to the correct numbers wins a prize.

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