Why Ventito Bakery Bakes with no Preservatives.

Posted by Donna DeMitro on

We like to call ourselves a reservation bakery. We do not believe in producing products with chemicals and having our products stay too long on a shelf. We make everything to order which mostly takes a couple days. This enables us to make cakes, pastries and gourmet food items with fresh fruit. It also enables us to make our wedding cakes, birthday cakes and cakes with a large selection of 24 fruit flavors.

We believe that everyone is special. We can make a 100% customizable cake with customizable fruit, frosting, and a unique message to make your cake memorable. Birthdays and weddings are special and we believe in delivering the wow factor. To get the wow factor, sometimes it comes from the imagination of the purchaser or receiver of the cake.

100 percent customizable cakes

Sometimes that may be a high heeled shoe cake or a lipstick cake. We can also make cakes with your own logo, 

If you do not live in Greater Cleveland area, we offer cake kits which you can make fresh with easy instructions, a 6 year old could follow. 

It may take a little more time to make a cake as opposed to picking up a cake in a big box store. We aim to please with a special cake with no preservatives. We also aim to be appreciated by others who have had to worry about gluten, dairy, egg or sugar allergies. We believe in leaving no one behind.

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