Graduation or Birthday Cake with no artificial dyes for local delivery only

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Cake with no artificial dyes available in allergy free Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy and Gluten Free  combinations. We cater to you and offer you plenty allergy free combinations, depending on what your allergy.

You graduated and have overcome various obstacles and either you or your graduated can celebrate their accomplishment. Pictured below is a 1/4 sheet 2 layer cake. We offer a 2 layer sheet cake for the price of a 1 layer cake.

We are open Tu-Fri 10:00-5:00 Sat 10:00-4:00 Sun 11:00-2:00. Closed Mondays and all legal holidays. We make every attempt to make our products the same every time, due to variations in the ingredients, temperatures, and cake making process, your order may not look exactly as pictured.Allow 48 to 72 hours to process. We do use some of this time to find the freshest nuts for your order.

Since we are preservative free, all our products must be refrigerated. Please note this is for local delivery only in Avon, OH.

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100% No Preservatives