Cassata Cakes | cassata offered in Americana and Sicilian styles

We offer regular and allergy-free Cassata Cakes in sizes from 6". 8", 9" 10". 12" 14in, round and 1/4, 1/2, and full sheet cakes for your large family event. Our cakes have no preservatives & sugar syrup for your health. We are an Italian Bakery with over 100 years of family baking history.

Cassata Cake or Cassata Sicilian Cake is a traditional sweet cake most known from Palermo and Messina, Sicily, and Italy.  We offer Regular, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, DFGF, Sugar, Vegan, and Sucralose Free options,

American - two-layer cake = one-tier 

Cassata consists of two round sponge cakes moistened with non-alcohol or alcohol-flavored rum (Bacardi) and layered with either (American - traditional size two layers of cake moistened with/without rum, Italian rum, custard a layer of strawberries topped with either satin or real cream cake.  The Sicilian style consists of ricotta cheese filling (the same filling as a cannoli). The cassata is topped with a shaving of 70% REAL cocoa and the traditionally sliced strawberries. We are cutting the strawberries an hour before you pick up your cake. I believe in fresh!