Sugar Free Cakes

How to make a low-carb sugar-free cake that is healthy?

We get so many questions about Sugar-Free. We believe in using healthy sugar substitutes. There are so many opinions on what is the best. We do take care to offer no processed chemicals like fructose corn syrup when we make our cakes. We also do not offer sucralose. Just because it is okay for Red Bull, does not make it okay for our customers who have issues with diabetes.

If you like to have something sweet every once in a while, we offer sugar-free substitutes and we are quite flexible since we bake fresh. If you would like to discuss with us your favorite sugar-free sweetener, we can offer to bake for you with your favorite sugar substitute. Call me at 440-937-7836 if you have any questions.

We at Ventito Bakery believe everyone is different and we do not want to leave anyone behind. You can watch this wonderful video at 

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