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Ventito Bakery Cherry Chip Bundt Cake appeals to lovers of cherries and cakes. We offer in regular, dairy-free, gluten-free, DFGF, and sugar free options. Each cake is 9in Round.

We make it from fresh cherries which we buy fresh at the grocery store. Please allow 48 to 72 hours to allow for us to buy the freshest cherries and the refrigeration process. We ship with a dry glaze mix. (not pictured)

We can ship this product USPS with frosting and toppings separate. Since we are a Shopify store we get a discount from USPS. We pass on our USPS savings to you. We do not charge delivery fees because we know you have a budget to meet like us.

We make every atempt to make our products the same every time. Due to variations in the ingredients, temperatures, and cake making process, your order may not look exactly as pictured. To ensure freshness and prevent melting, we recommend that you always choose a delivery where somebody will be available to retrieve the purchase. Since we are preservative free, all our products must be refrigerated. 

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100% No Preservatives