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Pistachio Cake Avon

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Sicily is known for its flavorful pistachios. The vibrant green pistachio is the star here. Cooks use them to make gelato, biscotti and this orange-scented cake. This cake does not have any icing. You could have it with icing, but why? It all ready taste good between the lips, you don’t really need the extra calories which could go to the hips. This pistachio cake is all ready incredibly moist. Every Ventito Bakery cake we guaranty to be 100% fresh as it is not sitting in a freezer somewhere.

Allow 48 to 72 hours to process. We do use some of this time to find the freshest pistachios for your order. 

Call us at 440-937-7836  to schedule a delivery.


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Allow 48 to 72 hours to allow for the refrigeration process. Send me a message with any questions!  FREE LOCAL PICK UP IF IN THE AREA (please message me 4409377836 before purchasing.)