Margarita Shots & Red Wine to be in Avon wedding Cakes For the first time

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Leading Italian bakery in Avon, Ventito Bakery has introduced unique party flavors like Margarita and Red Wine for wedding cakes. The bakery is also the first one in Avon to offer gluten-free & dairy-free treats

Avon March 13, 2016: The wedding cake is surely one of the biggest hotshots of any wedding celebration and this wedding season an Italian bakery in Avon is making the cakes even yummier with unique party flavors. For the first time in Avon, Ventito Bakery has introduced amazing Margarita and Red Wine flavors for the wedding cakes to make weddings more memorable, both for the couples and the guests.

Wedding Cakes by Ventito Bakery“These days, the couples are always looking for something special with their wedding celebrations and our unique party flavors are sure to render a new pleasant twist to their wedding cake. It’s always a beautiful surprise to have the Margarita wonder or the eclectic red wine filling the mouth as you take the first bite of the cake. We have something that neither you nor your guests have ever experienced in Avon”, stated Donna DeMitro, the lady behind the bakery.

The Margarita wedding cakes would include Cinco De Mayo margarita shots infused with authentic lime juice, lime rind as well as Jose Cuervo. The unique flavor is fueled into the cake icing.

“For the red wine wedding cakes, our couple-clients are welcome to suggest their favorite red wine. We are in close camaraderie with some of the best of local wineries here and hence we can always assure a true sumptuous red wine cake wonder for your D-day. You can choose from either a satin or buttercream icing.”

Located in Detroit Road, Avon, Ohio, Ventito Bakery holds the secret of several century-old fascinating traditional Italian & continental bakery recipes- which it offers for the wedding and other special celebrations. The reservation bakery is focused on exotic creations for Avon found in the finest restaurants of Cleveland.

The leading bakery also offers a variety of other interesting flavors for wedding cakes in Avon. The couples can choose from red velvet cakes with pistachios, white chocolate cakes with sumptuous raspberry filling, chocolate cakes with Swiss mint, cakes with rich indulgent German chocolates and many such goodies.

Ventito is also the first one in Avon to offer gluten-free cakes for those on gluten-free diet as well as dairy free cake options for the lactose intolerant.

“Customer convenience is always most important to us and hence our products are always shaped as per the typical needs and desires of our dear customers. We are here to make our sumptuous Italian recipes enjoyable for all and hence we have also introduced gluten-free & dairy-free collections”, explained the manager.

Added to big cakes, Ventito Bakery also offers a huge range of cupcakes, cannolis, pizzelles, macaroons, cookies, and pies.

“We assure you fresh products always, free from preservatives. We use the finest and best flour from none other than Mama Juliannes’ to ensure most quality treats for you.”

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