4 Italian Cakes or Entrees to make your Party a hit.

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Italians have come up with many desserts which are featured at the worlds most famous restaurants. 

4. Cannolis

As a young italian girl, I would enjoy going to the bakery and experience all the wonderful creations. One of the italian creations I most enjoyed were cannoli's. Cannolis originated in Sicily and are filled with Ricotta cheese. We use the same regata recipe for cannolis as we use for a sicilian casata cake. Our cannoli recipe has evolved  over the years and I have learned a lot from my Mom and my Grandma Veronica Demitro, We have perfected it with the addition of chocolate. 

3. Pizzelles

3. Tiramisu Tort Cake

Tiramisu, nm: Italian "tirami sù" literally "back me. 

Why Tiramisu’? Ventito Bakery Tiramisu’ will give you a big smile and complement the whole venetian experience. Every Tiramisu’ is its own unique creation. Our Tiramisu’ has its own identity, consisting of a perfume that come up mascarpone cream, a preparation that soaks the sponge, and a final touch that adds to the whole. Each Ventito Bakery Tiramisu’ cake is made exclusively from natural ingredients. No artificial flavors, dyes or gelling are added. They are prepared on site with love and an Italian family with 100 years of following the italian baking tradition. 

2. Mocha Cake

 Aaah mocha cake…….. The perfect compliment to a cup of coffee. Ventito Bakery makes their mocha cake with mocha coffee granules. After a hard week of work or a long day on your heels what better way to sit down and reward yourself with a piece of mocha cake. Your mocha cake will be enriched with Amaretto, an italian almond liqueur. You have been running around like crazy all week, time to slow down and take it easy with a piece. Ssssssh, don’t let anyone know. Let’s keep this all to yourself. You deserve it.

1. Casata Cake

Casata Cake


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