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What comes to your mind when you hear the mention of cakes?  Calories and more calories, right?  However, with Ventito Bakery, it is ultimately a different case. We bake cakes that fit in with a Paleo diet. What is a Paleo diet? It is a diet that includes vegetables, fruits, roots, nuts and organ meat while excluding foods such as sugar, grains, legumes, dairy products, processed oils, and salt.

Ventito Bakery bakes tasty, traditional Italian products. Is it your wedding day?  We would like to make your day memorable with wedding cakes from Ventito Bakery. We create the cake of your dreams, designing your cake by matching the colors and flowers of your wedding. We also bake birthday cakes and regular cakes; all made with love for healthy customers since we particularly focus on gluten-free,

Sugar Free with Stevia

dairy-free and sugar-free cakes and bread made with high-quality ingredients which lead to a healthy lifestyle. Hearing of gluten free, is it now a trend? Can healthy cakes be equally if not more delicious? Does gluten-free mean healthy? Come! Taste the cakes and experience it for yourself!

We have several cake recipes which are 100-year-old recipes which we offer in our store and online. All our products, be it cakes or bread, are made fresh with no added preservatives. We do not bake and store the products on the shelf. We like to bake after an order is given and have it ready within one hour when you arrive. This eliminates the use of preservatives. Consuming preservatives can have adverse effects on your health since some of them trigger allergic reactions and others possibly causes other serious health issues such as cancer.

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