Dairy Free Egg Free wedding cake and frosting, no problem.

Posted by Donna DeMitro on

This wedding was special because they were an Indian couple who needed specific requirements for their cake.

They wanted real roses. The bride could only eat a cake that was dairy free and egg free and that included the frosting. The wedding was at the Renaissance Center in downtown Cleveland so the cake needed to beautiful and memorable.

Dairy free and egg free wedding cake for the Renaissance Center in Downtown Cleveland.

The 4 tier cake 3 layer wedding cake had real red roses flowing down from the top of the cake to the bottom.

The inside of the cake was flavored with lemon rind. The cake's frosting was flavored with coconut buttercream. 

Fresh Seasoned Strawberries ornately surrounded the bottom of the cake.

This cake was very personally special to the wedding couple because the bride could not eat dairy or eggs. The cake and coconut buttercream frosting needed to dairy and egg free and taste good for not only the wedding couple but for all who had attended.

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